Alexandria Diamond

  • Name : Alexandria Diamond
  • Date Of Birth : March 19, 1980
  • Height : 5'11""
  • Weight: 136lb
  • Measurements: 39D-25-35
  • Hair : Brown Hair
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Biography :I once had a friend tell me that Europeans know how to be sexy better than most others. I didn't believe it until I watched Alexandria Diamond fucking. You know a girl loves their job when they can't stop smiling and moaning while being given a good rough fuck. That's exactly how Alexandria is. Professional, mysterious, and she has the everlasting allure only a Eurobabe can offer. With a strong background in dance, Alexandria combined her exhibitionist side with her fine moves, fusing the two together into a strong European porn career. She's slowly spreading her wings in North America as well. If you haven't checked out Alexandria, do it before she explodes with fame!
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